What makes your dog do not get bored when you go to work

Put Your Dog in Day Care

If you can’t give your dog some company during the day, perhaps you can bring him to the company. Doggie day cares are gaining popularity across the country and are available in many communities. If you haven’t heard of any in your area, ask your vet or your local humane society for recommendations.

Doggie day care functions much like child or elder day care. You drop off your pet on the way to work and pick him up on your way home. During the day the dogs are exercised and fed, have some playtime with each other, and sometimes even get some training. When looking into this option, treat it just as you would day care for a human family member. Ask for and check references. Take your dog to visit the center. Spend an hour or two observing the routines and how the dogs are handled.

 Inspect where the dogs eat, sleep, exercise, and relieve themselves. Does everything appear clean? Do the dogs have enough space in their personal kennels and in larger play areas?

 Talk to the owner of the center and to staff members. What is their philosophy of dog care, discipline, and training? If it is very different from yours, the center will not be a good solution for you and your dog.

 Ask the staff if you are allowed to bring personal items from home for your dog. Can you bring a comfortable mat for him to sleep on? What about a couple of his favorite toys or chew items?

 Observe the dogs at the center. Are they sociable with staff, visitors, and the other dogs? Do they seem cheerful, relaxed, and otherwise enjoying themselves? Or are they edgy and wary of the staff?