This Is Why Dogs Follow You Into The Bathroom. I Never Knew This!

Dog owners know that having a loyal pup in the house is an unbelievable source of love from dog to owner, they are our best friends! In general, dogs make it really clear when it comes to letting you know how much they love you and understanding it is fairly easy; but they may behave in more subtle manners as well!

Regrettably, only a few of us are as good in talking to pets as Dr. Doolittle, but we here are 12 signs your pup makes and what they actually translate to!

And if you read this article you’ll discover we have a gift for you at the end. Did you get that? That’s right. A free gift. From us to you…

Puppy-Dog Eyes

We start with a classic, it’s often imitated by younger kids whenever they need to beg for something. Dogs, on the other hand, do it to show you love and enforce the bond of trust between you.