Life Plan for your puppy

One of the most important things veterinarians can do for their clients is inform them what medical care their pet will need throughout its life and the associated costs. While this article focuses on puppies, this chapter is about adult dogs as well as puppies. In the next few pages you will find a description of the care your puppy will need as it grows into adulthood, mid-life, and its golden years as a geriatric pet. By knowing what care your puppy will need throughout its life, you can better plan ahead.       

2 Months Old (8 Weeks)            

First veterinary visit (although this can also occur at 6 weeks if you acquire the puppy then):   

  •   Complete physical examination          
  • First puppy vaccinations: distemper-hepatitis-leptospirosis-parainfluenza-parvo virus-corona virus (DHLPP-C)           
  • Fecal exam for intestinal parasites Heartworm medication administered     

Heartworm medication is started on the puppy’s first visit, depending upon the area of the country you live in. Heartworms are easily prevented with a daily or monthly chewable medication. In some areas of the country, the medicine is administered during “heartworm season,” which is generally the warmer months of spring and summer In other areas, “heartworm season” is year-round and the medication must be administered on a yearly basis for the life of the dog.