how to tell if your dog trusts you

The bond between a dog and his person is nothing to underestimate. It’s based on mutual love, appreciation, and most of all, trust. Contrary to popular belief, earning a dog’s complete trust isn’t as simple as giving out a few treats and belly rubs. If you want your dog to trust you with his life, you need to earn it. It can take months, and even years, of dedicated love and attention to earn a dog’s trust. Not every relationship has it, but if your dog trusts you 100%, you’ll know. Here’s how.

1. He Looks You In The Eyes

In human body language, eye contact can mean anything from, “I take you seriously” to “Will you go on a date with me?” There are several different messages your eyes can send another person, but generally, looking someone in the eye tells them you’re focused and paying attention. In canine body language, however, eye contact tells a whole different story. A dog that looks another dog in the eye is most likely issuing a threat. It’s a sign of dominance, and to keep the peace, most dogs avoid locking eyes with their furry friends.