How to reduce the cost of pet care

Everyone, including doctors, agrees that the cost of medical care is high. Even medical care for our furry friends can be expensive at times. While every owner would like to get the best care for his pet at the lowest price, going to the “lowest bidder” for pet health care can be a mistake!   

As an owner, you and you alone will have to decide whether low cost or high quality is more important. If you choose higher-quality care, there are still things you can do to lower the cost of health care and not sacrifice quality or service. Keep in mind that the average cost of health care for a 30-pound dog (excluding major illnesses) is about $300 per year. While studies show that the average pet owner is willing to spend approximately $550 per year on a pet, the following suggestions will help you cut that cost without sacrificing quality of care.

1- Have Your Dog Examined and Vaccinated at Least Annually.

Annual examinations and vaccinations are the least expensive way to prevent diseases that can easily cause severe illness and in some cases kill your pet. A dog can be fully protected against the major communicable diseases for under $100 a year.