How to Control Excessive Barking

How to Control Excessive Barking
How to Control Excessive Barking

I have people write to me all the time about how much their dogs bark.

They bark at postal workers. They bark at birds. They bark at parked cars. They bark at corners of the room with nothing in them.

And I get it. When I was a kid we had a dog that barked from the time we left the house until the time we came home. We didn’t believe our neighbor until we tape recorded her (I’m dating myself with THAT technology) and she ran through a full 120 minutes worth of tape.

It was crazy, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

If you have a dog that barks a lot and it’s causing you problems – I have help!

What do you do about excessive barking?

Incessant barking can be a headache causing nuisance.

Sure, there are times when you want your dog to bark.  If someone is coming into your home, you want them to alert you.

But overall, we would really rather if our dogs didn’t work so much.

A few notes before we begin.

Regardless of why your dog barks, there are a few critical pieces of the training.