How Do I Keep My Dog Calm Around Guests?

If you have the kind of dog that wrings every inch of joy out of every minute of the day, I would bet that when you have guests over, they really turn it up to 11.

Even the most die-hard dog lovers are less than thrilled to be run over by a friend’s excitable dog when arriving at their home. It’s even worse for the dog’s guardian, who is usually desperately apologizing and attempting to call or restrain their dog. Fortunately, you can train your dog to stay calm when visitors arrive. We’ve outlined the process for you here.

In the short-term, the quickest solution is some kind of barrier or gate that will separate your dog from the front door. This won’t replace training, but it will make life easier while you’re working on this behavior.

Note: for smaller dogs or dogs unlikely to jump, a freestanding, folding gate is a flexible option. For other dogs, you will want to invest in a sturdier option that attaches to the wall.

If a gate doesn’t work in your space, put your dog on leash before guests arrive, and keep them close to you. Read on for the training steps!