Help cats to calm down when going to the vet

Cats rely on their instincts to keep them out of trouble.

Unfortunately, what they perceive as “trouble” can sometimes be something that’s being done for their own good. The example that is most likely to come to all owners’ minds is a visit to the veterinarian. For a cat that hasn’t received any training, a visit to the vet’s can be one of the scariest events in his life. Not only does he have to contend with going in the carrier and traveling by car; he then often has to wait in a noisy room full of people, cats, dogs and possibly other animals that are not only unfamiliar to him but, in his current state of mind, also potentially threatening. In novel situations, a cat’s threshold for coping with unpredictability is greatly lowered. Thus, any attention from any unknown human or animal is most likely unwelcome. Even if attention is not focused directly toward the cat, the constant movement of unfamiliar people and animals going past the carrier, coupled with being unable to retreat to a safe distance, is likely to create increasing anxiety.